Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Compile Monotone from source

The current version of Monotone, a distributed version control system, is 0.40. To compile it from source:

wget http://monotone.ca/downloads/0.40/monotone-0.40.tar.gz
tar xfz monotone-0.40.tar.gz
cd monotone-0.40

You'll need to install its dependencies before compiling it, i.e.:
  • autoconf
  • automake
  • gettext
  • g++ 3.2 or newer
  • boost 1.33.0 or newer
  • zlib 1.1.4 or newer
  • libiconv
On a Debian / Ubuntu system, you'll need to do:

sudo aptitude install autoconf automake gettext libboost-dev libz-dev g++

Next, we're on to compile it:

./configure && make && make install

Next... erm... learn how to use it?! Here's a comprehensive Monotone manual. Enjoy... or not.

Later edit: Ah, finally, here's an "Essential Monotone" page for foolish mortals.


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