Friday, February 22, 2008

Default title for a 1st post (?)

The next boring step after having finally edited my "Blogger profile" is the first post... so let's get this over with.

Q: Why am I here?
A: I just thought I'd annoy somebody (sooner or later) for getting such a cool blogspot URL...
A: (The serious version) I need to use FreeBSD at work and I often try to recall what the procedure to do foo thing on Linux was. So I started this blog as some sort of online "notebook". If it manages to help somebody else, that's fine by me.

Q: What's this gonna be all about?
A: As stated before, FreeBSD. No, wait. Linux. No, wait. I might occasionally post whatever crosses my mind at the moment.

Q: What about the poor visitor, the one reading this crap?
A: Sorry, bud, it wasn't me who landed here in the first place. (I "own" this.)

One more thing: comments are not moderated at the moment. So enjoy it while this lasts, because it might change at some later point.


  1. I've been through exactly the same process when I started my LiveJournal blog.

    There was one significant problem, though: as you do, I write many tech posts, and sometimes the information there becomes outdated. I'd really like for my readers to be able to fix it, in place, like in wiki.

    After some deliberation between the difference between a blog and a wiki, I made my choice.

  2. Thanks for the insight!

    I realize that a blog for technical issues is not the best possible choice. In the meantime, all other non-technical things that cross my mind have to be put aside, since their place is not here.

    I will be probably considering the „migration” when the annoyance level in regards to blogging downsides will grow beyond tolerable levels.